How to make the next election even more secure

A big reason local governments were able to do well this time around, despite a long list of tech problems, was a team effort across all levels of government. That included the Election Assistance Commission and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, which each helped raise the bar on security issues in areas from voting machines, which the EAC tests and certifies, to CISA’s broad mandate to help secure elections infrastructure. Both of those agencies could use more money and authority to help states out.

CISA, at least, is on that path. Although Trump fired the agency’s director, Chris Krebs, because he debunked the president’s election disinformation, the agency itself is on an upward trajectory in virtually every way. Increased budget, profile, and power for CISA will have myriad ramifications, one of which is a stronger capability to help protect election infrastructure. With $13 million in 2021, EAC has a

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Everything you need to know to become an expert Linux admin

This roundup of six TechRepublic Premium resources cover everything from mastering the command line and GUI interfaces to managing permissions and users.

IT professionals have to be life-long learners with quarterly goals for improving their skills to keep up with the industry, particularly when it comes to Linux. System administrators should be constantly looking for new ways to improve their skills for managing Linux servers and distributions. 

This roundup of TechRepublic Premium resources, by Linux expert Jack Wallen, can help you fill the holes in your skills gap. There is advice for mastering the command line as well as selecting the best GUI tool. Maybe your challenge is managing users or permissions? Wallen has got you covered with that task, too.

Sysadmins can use any one of these resources to get smarter about Linux and bring value to the IT team.

Permissions can get confusing in the Linux world. This

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10 tuneup tips to keep your Mac running like a sports car

Like any complicated machine, an Apple desktop or laptop requires care to keep it running well. These 10 tricks are just what you need to keep your macOS computer feeling like new.

Image: Apple

The biggest, most important assets in our lives require regular upkeep to ensure they function well. Cars go to mechanics, contractors repair houses, and, whether we realize it or not, our computers need maintenance despite a lack of moving parts or exposure to the elements.

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Old programs leave behind traces of code, apps that force their way onto startup lists ensure they’re always on and hogging memory, and caches get backed up and slow performance. Luckily, all of the problems that need fixing are digital, so they’re much easier to take care of at home—no expert needed.

Take Apple’s macOS

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