Top 5 International Travel Tips – Traveling abroad

Traveling abroad is an exciting way to recharge and refresh yourself while learning and gaining experience about the larger world. It gives you a chance to see who you are outside your regular environment, and to leave the day to day cares of your job and home life for a while, to pursue adventure.

With a wide world that offers a large range of international travel experiences, there aren’t a lot of suggestions that hold true no matter where you go, but there are a few top tips that don’t change no matter what your itinerary says. Let’s review a few of the most important ones to help you get ready for your next trip.

Make a Copy of Your Passport

A photocopy or digital scan of your passport isn’t going to be able to get you back into the United States if your documents are lost and stolen, but

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Four monitors later, the sense of work-at-home dread is subsiding

Working at home can be a challenge. Some of the finer points of setting up your home workstation are deciding how you want to spend your days, in the sense of available technology.

A lot of us are going to be doing this for a while, so there are a couple of approaches. You can either set it up to mimic the pit of cubicle-despair you had at the office, or you can set it up to be a freaking control center; a cockpit of resolute productivity and technology. Obviously, since no manager is looking over my shoulder, I chose the latter.

I have four monitors, plus a laptop screen that is hidden behind one of the monitors. So you can either count that as four or five. Whatever helps you sleep at night. The large monitor is in the center, with one on either side and a floater up

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How You Can Quickly Test a New App: 5 Most Important Steps

One of the worst things a developer can do is release an app without thoroughly testing the app. It takes one security flaw or data breach to lead to lost downloads, revenue and credibility as a developer.

Testing is the key most important step before releasing an app to the public.

If you’re not testing a new app because it’s too time intensive or costly, you’re making a big mistake which can lead to your app’s failure. These five important steps can allow you to test your app quickly and ensure that your app is ready to be deployed.

1. Allocate Resources to App Testing

If you’re going to conduct in-house app testing, you need to allocate the appropriate resources to test properly. You’ll need to determine how many testers you need and what type of testers are needed.

Afterward, develop personas for beta testers to determine what you need

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3 Things to Do If Your Teen Son or Daughter Lands in Jail

Though many parents are petrified when their teen son or daughter is taken into custody, juvenile delinquency is not new in Montgomery County, Ohio, or for that matter in the US. The common teenage crimes are graffiti charges, vandalism, underage alcohol consumption, shoplifting, rash driving, and assault.

Putting teenagers in jail is expensive as well as ineffective, based on a recent report. Therefore, if your child (son or daughter) happens to be in jail, here are three things you must consider:

Keep your calm

No mom and dad are happy when they hear that their teen kid is behind the bars, but then these things do happen. First things first, you as parents should stay calm and composed to handle the crisis smartly.

Your teen son or daughter has done something wrong and therefore in prison, true, but that does not mean you yell at them or make things worse

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How a WiFi heatmap can help you improve your WiFi

There is virtually nothing more infuriating than a slow WiFi connection, especially when you need to browse the web or send an important email. Now, thanks to WiFi heatmap software, you can see where your WiFi coverage is cold, hot, or somewhere in between. You don’t have to guesstimate where your WiFi coverage is strong or weak, thanks to this remarkable wireless network optimizing tool. 

Wireless signals can be severely affected by electrical or radio interference, physical objects as well as the environment. Do you know a concrete wall or even a single mirror can significantly decrease the WiFi signal by more than 75 percent?

The most efficient way to quickly determine your coverage area or whether your signal is leaking is via the use of a WiFi heatmap.

What is a WiFi Heatmap?

Image: NetSpot

A WiFi heatmap is a two-dimensional map or graphic representation of the strength

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