The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine will be tested in a new trial after questions over its data

However, the 90% claim came into question after it was pointed out the vaccine’s overall efficacy was 62 to 70% in trials in Brazil and in the UK, while the 90% figure was reached only among fewer than 3,000 UK participants who were given a lower dose as a result of an error. Researchers can’t explain why the accidental lower dose proved more effective. So AstraZeneca plans to run another trial, testing just this lower-dose regimen. “Now that we’ve found what looks like a better efficacy we have to validate this, so we need to do an additional study,” Soriot told Bloomberg. He said that because the efficacy is high, a smaller number of patients would be needed.

Age issues: There are also concerns that the low-dose trial didn’t include anyone over the age of 55, so this second trial should give researchers the chance to confirm the vaccine’s

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Google Forms email surveys: Check this box to get more responses

Improve your response rate to short, single-section Google Form surveys by letting people respond without ever leaving email.

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A Google Form can help you gather data in a structured way. Forms supports a variety of question types (i.e., multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdowns, files, short and long answers, linear scales, date, time, and multiple choice grids) that you may ask and structure in sections, with a separate page for each set of questions. And, since Forms supports branching (i.e., conditional logic), you can present different sets of questions to different people.

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When you’re ready to share—or, as Google Forms labels the button, SEND—your form with people, the system offers five routes: Email, a link, an embed code, or via a link shared

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So many streaming services, so little time: How to get what you want

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose subscriptions, but go ahead, cut the cable cord, you’ll find a lot to watch.

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You’ve gotten rid of cable TV and its exorbitant bills, but streaming services are not what they used to be, and guileless customers may end up with a comparable or even higher bill, even if they’re getting more of the kind of programming they want.

For many, being beholden to the only cable company in your area meant you were forced to choose from a few heavily curated “bundles,” none of which can be customized. This means, if you want HBO, you’ll also get Showtime, but if you want the NFL Network or Starz, you have to order each separately—for additional fees, of course. If only there was an intuitive way to satisfy viewing habits…and now you can get closer than ever to meeting your viewing expectations.


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