WSJ’s Facebook series: Leadership lessons about ethical AI and algorithms

There have been discussions about bias in algorithms related to demographics, but the issue goes beyond superficial characteristics. Learn from Facebook’s reported missteps.

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Many of the recent questions about technology ethics focus on the role of algorithms in various aspects of our lives. As technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning grow increasingly complex, it’s legitimate to question how algorithms powered by these technologies will react when human lives are at stake. Even someone who doesn’t know a neural network from a social network may have pondered the hypothetical question of whether a self-driving car should crash into a barricade and kill the driver or run over a pregnant woman to save its owner.

SEE: Artificial intelligence ethics policy (TechRepublic Premium)

As technology has entered the criminal justice system, less theoretical and more difficult discussions are taking place about how algorithms should be used as they’re deployed for

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Here’s a fix for open source supply chain attacks

Commentary: Open source has never been more popular or more under attack, but there’s something cloud providers can do to make OSS more secure.

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TechRepublic contributing writer Jack Wallen is correct that “Open source software has proved itself, time and time and time again, that it is business-grade for a very long time.” Sonatype is also correct that supply chain attacks against popular open source software repositories jumped 650% over the last year. In fact, it’s the very popularity of that open source software that makes it a prime target.

Even though President Biden has called for greater focus on the safety and integrity of open source software, we’re no closer to knowing how to achieve it. Some larger projects like Kubernetes have the corporate backing necessary to ensure significant investment in securing the software, while others may be heavily used but can be

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