Encryption, control, security… Jumble for MS Outlook

Jumble for MS Outlook

Version 3.1 of Jumble for Outlook has now been released, which means we have a lot of exciting new features and updates to share with you. Outlook is still one of the most popular email clients used by businesses, and we support all versions from Outlook 2010 through to Outlook 2016.

Let’s have a look at what the development team have been up to in the latest release…

Full control over your sent emails with Revoke & Expire

Revoke an Email in MS Outlook:

Users now have the power to revoke an email at any time, giving you complete control over your sent items. So if you have sent an email to the wrong person, you can instantly revoke it by going into your sent items and clicking ‘Revoke Email’. It’s as simple as that! The email is instantly revoked meaning the recipient will no … Read more

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Hack Attack: 5 Ways to Identify a Web Security Intrusion

Detecting intrusions of your network can sometimes be difficult. You can’t assume it’s a big, catastrophic event.

In fact, hackers would prefer that you never notice at all. Here are five signs to be on the lookout for.

Your Firewalls or Anti-virus Software Are Disabled

If you find that they’re been turned off, it may be the first sign that a hacker is at work. With these disabled, a hacker can freely probe your system for weaknesses. The first time it happens you may assume it’s an application glitch. But you should disconnect from the internet and run a security scan to be safe.

Passwords Have Changed

If you find that any passwords to your online accounts no longer work, you may have been hacked. They can be stolen by phishing emails, key-trapping spyware, or even guessed based on your social media posts. Once they have access, hackers … Read more

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Germany invests in the DRC, but renewables could save all of Africa

Adolescent men in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) are recruited by warlords because they are desperate. A new German fund will help keep farming in the family and guys like this in his father’s arms. Bigger steps are needed from the top down: Investing in renewables is the answer.

Mass migration of people suffering from conflict and climate change ––  from Syria to Iraq to Yemen, to all over countries in Africa –– worries Europe. Climate change messes up water resources, limits agriculture; it promotes famine and exacerbates pest infestations like the locust attack weighing down on Africa and the Middle East right now.

Good news from our hardworking neighbors in Germany – the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the German Development Bank KfW, has just given $54 million USD in aid to help keep young Congo men out of the hands Read more

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How much does the Internet contribute to global warming and can we switch to carbon neutral servers?

A group of international bloggers from cleantech media, Grist, Treehugger and Green Prophet visiting a power plant in Finland. Green Prophet’s Karin, 8 months pregnant is on the right.

Ten years ago I was flown into Helsinki with a handful of other bloggers, from Grist, TreeHugger, Greentech Media. We were to spend several days in Finland learning about its bold and practical solutions to doing better business by the environment. 

We met a factory that was developing heat pumps to be used in homes and offices. We learned about the sauna culture (they calculate money earned in terms of how many saunas you could buy with the money), the good Finnish sense of humor, and the most inspiring was a large server station built under a cathedral in Helsinki. 

Nothing I saw there was flat out wow hightech, like what you can find in Silicon Valley or Israel, Read more

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Server Security Tips for Small Businesses

Secure servers are essential to doing business today, even for small companies.

Whether you’re powering websites, storing data, using services of companies like Phoenix Internet, or providing user applications, determined hackers or indiscriminate malware can bring your business to a crashing halt, and even end it altogether.

Preventing unauthorized access should be at the top of your list of IT priorities.

Here are some principles you can work into your network infrastructure to keep your hardware protected.

Physical Isolation

You may tend to think of network threats as coming from the internet, but there are internal hazards, as well. Intruders, visitors with bad intentions, and unhappy employees can wreak havoc if they can directly access a server and bypass all that security software.

Your servers should be stored in a separate, climate-controlled room that only authorized IT personnel have access to.

Placing your servers in locked cages on their … Read more

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