10 tuneup tips to keep your Mac running like a sports car

Like any complicated machine, an Apple desktop or laptop requires care to keep it running well. These 10 tricks are just what you need to keep your macOS computer feeling like new.

Image: Apple

The biggest, most important assets in our lives require regular upkeep to ensure they function well. Cars go to mechanics, contractors repair houses, and, whether we realize it or not, our computers need maintenance despite a lack of moving parts or exposure to the elements.

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Old programs leave behind traces of code, apps that force their way onto startup lists ensure they’re always on and hogging memory, and caches get backed up and slow performance. Luckily, all of the problems that need fixing are digital, so they’re much easier to take care of at home—no expert needed.

Take Apple’s macOS

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The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is up to 90% effective, according to interim data

The news: Oxford University and AstraZeneca have reported that their covid-19 vaccine is up to 90% effective, according to interim data from the Phase III trial. The trial found that the vaccine was 70% effective when the data of two different dosing regimes was combined, one of which was 90% and the other 62%. The 90% effective dosing regime used a halved first dose and a full second dose, compared to the 62% effective regime where participants were given two full doses. There are more than 24,000 volunteers participating in the ongoing trial in the UK, Brazil, and South Africa.

Why it’s promising: The data is yet to be submitted for peer review or publication, but the trial researchers say it suggests the vaccine also reduced asymptomatic transmission. This would mean the vaccine not only helps stop people getting unwell, but also helps to cut transmission rates of the virus.

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Quantum computing: A cheat sheet

IBM, Honeywell, and Intel are just three companies leading the way in building quantum machines as well as the algorithms and controls to run them. Learn about possible business use cases for quantum.

Quantum computing–considered to be the next generation of high-performance computing–is a rapidly-changing field that receives equal parts attention in academia and in enterprise research labs. Honeywell, IBM, and Intel are independently developing their own implementations of quantum systems, as are startups such as D-Wave Systems. In late 2018, President Donald Trump signed the National Quantum Initiative Act that provides $1.2 billion for quantum research and development. 

TechRepublic’s cheat sheet for quantum computing is positioned both as an easily digestible introduction to a new paradigm of computing, as well as a living guide that will be updated periodically to keep IT leaders informed on advances in the science and commercialization of quantum computing.

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