Top 5 things to know about zero trust ops

Checking users, applications, and devices on your network are just a few ways to keep your company safe from cyberattacks. Tom Merritt lists five things to know about zero trust ops.

Attackers are everywhere. They want inside your network and they’ll do anything–phish, ransom…anything. So, who can you trust? The answer: No one. Nada. Zero. Here are five things to know about zero trust ops.

  1. It doesn’t mean never trust. It means check trust. Successful attackers look normal. Just because something is in your network, doesn’t mean it’s safe.
  2. Check your users. Make sure a user is who they say they are, has the proper access, and is using a trusted device.
  3. Check applications. What applications have access to what data? How is any exchange of data secured? It’s not wrong to use encryption inside a network.
  4. Check devices on the network. Do the office smart bulbs
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COVID-19’s “reboot” of the US tech workforce

Budget cuts, layoffs, and furloughs prompt 81% of tech talent living near top innovation hubs to look for more affordable areas, a new report finds.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It’s clear that the COVID-19 crisis had a quick and challenging impact on IT departments throughout the US, as tech staff were heavily relied upon to pivot and transition office staff, devices, and software to employees’ homes so they could work remotely. But a new report from .Tech Domains, .Tech Workforce Reboot Report examined how the pandemic has further affected tech talent and is putting pressure on them to change their lifestyle and even where they live, which highlights new challenges for employers as they manage an increasingly distributed workforce. 

According to the report, 81% of tech talent are looking for a more affordable way of life, to suit their—and their families’—specific needs and preferences, even if it means leaving a

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How Talent Path is helping people jumpstart their tech careers

IT staffing firm Talent Path helps job seekers get the skills they need for a tech career by paying them to learn the skills employers are looking for.

Starting a tech career can seem impossible, especially when you don’t have the skills employers are looking for. On the flip side, employers can find it hard to hire people with the skills they need given the rapid pace of change in industry.

During a recent episode of TechRepublic’s Dynamic Developer podcast and video series, I spoke with Kip Wright, CEO of Talent Path and President and CEO of Genuent, about the how his organization is working to bridge this IT skills gap and helping people jumpstart their IT careers by hiring them as full-time employees while they learn the skills needed to fill in-demand IT jobs.

The following is a transcript of the interview, edited for readability.

Bill Detwiler: So,

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As schools reopen, officials reflect on first months of coronavirus device lending programs

School districts across the United States had varying experiences with trying to get devices to every child at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image: SeventyFour, Getty Images/iStockPhoto

Every teacher and administrator was faced with an unprecedented problem when schools across the country were shut for the year in March to help states deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Most schools were given barely a few weeks to suddenly prepare students, parents, and themselves for remote learning, which is only possible with some kind of device. While hundreds of districts were lucky enough to already have 1:1 device lending programs in place for all their students, others scrambled to order and deliver millions of iPads and Chromebooks just in time for the end of spring break.

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“A lot of districts are building the plane while they’re flying it. Some

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How to install the Flectra CRM/ERP platform on Ubuntu Server 20.04

If your business needs a CRM/ERP solution, you should give the open source Flectra platform a try. Jack Wallen shows you three different ways to install.

Image: iStockphoto/Lena_Datsiuk

Your business is growing and it needs more tools to keep things humming along. One such tool it could probably use is a customer resource manager/enterprise resource planning (CRM/ERP) platform. One option for this is the open source Flectra.

Flectra offers plenty of features to help your business grow with the demand, and do so with ease. Flectra has you covered for:

  • Sales

  • CMS

  • POS

  • Projects

  • Helpdesk

  • Marketing automation

  • Manufacturing

  • CRM

  • Accounting

  • Purchasing

  • Inventory

  • HR

This tool is, quite literally, a one-stop-shop for many of your backend business needs. Let’s get Flectra up and running.

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What you’ll need

How to install the necessary dependencies and Flectra

The first thing

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