6 best creative project management software for 2023

Discover the best project management software for the creative teams in your business. Use our guide to help you choose a solution that fits your needs.

Creative projects can be challenging to manage, as they can require tons of team collaboration and concept visualization. The right project management software for a creative team can help optimize the process.

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We have compiled a list of top project management software for creative teams in 2023. We share the pros, cons, features and pricing of each project management software for Windows and Mac users. You will also find information on our methodology for picking these vendors and some important features to consider when deciding which software to choose for creative teams.

Top creative project management software comparison

This table shows how each of the top creative project management software options compare in some of the core

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Top 7 software development project management tools for 2023

Discover the best software development project management tools for your team. Our guide covers pricing and standout features to help you choose.

In the fast-paced world of technology, choosing the right project management tool is vital for success. This article delves into the top seven project management tools for software developers and technology teams at large.

We compare their pricing, features, and pros and cons to help developers and tech professionals make informed decisions for streamlined collaboration and efficient project delivery.

Top 7 software development project management tools

SoftwareTask managementTime trackingCollaborationCustomizationReporting and analyticsIntegrationsStarting price (per month)
JiraAdvancedYesYesHighAdvancedExtensiveFree tier; paid plans start at $7.75 per user
WrikeAdvancedYesYesHighAdvancedGoodFree tier; paid plans start at $9.80 per user
ClickUpAdvancedYesYesHighAdvancedGoodFree tier; paid plans start at $5 per
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Become your organization’s cybersecurity expert with this $79 bundle

The training covers CISSP, CASP+, CISM, and more.

Image: StackCommerce

With a rise in cybercrime, cybersecurity is an essential focus for businesses in every industry these days. But hiring a complete security or IT team isn’t an expense that every business can afford. As such, this may be an opportunity for those with a cybersecurity mindset. If you want to climb the career ladder or give your business some much-needed protection, The Ultimate Advanced CyberSecurity Professional Certification Bundle is a great place to start.

Featuring five high-quality courses, the bundle helps you to prepare for key professional exams, and learn a variety of real-world skills. It provides a total of 175 hours of video training, helping you work towards key certifications. You can grab the bundle today for only $79 over at TechRepublic Academy.

Due to a massive shortfall in certified professionals, there are literally thousands of vacancies in

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DevSecOps puts security in the software cycle

Addressing cybersecurity can be a challenge when the focus is on speed in software development and production life cycles.

Image: Murrstock/Adobe Stock

The push to innovate and create can often drive software developers to move at breakneck speed to deliver new apps, updates and bug fixes — a frenetic pace that can lead to security oversight.

DevSecOps — a portmanteau for developers, cybersecurity and operations — is a collaborative method that brings principles of application security into software development and operations with as little friction and as much agility as possible. The goal? Products can be rolled out at speed without compromising application security.

Adding security to the software lifecycle

DevSecOps bakes security into the product at every stage of the software development and delivery process, according to software intelligence firm DynaTrace, which released a white paper on the matter.

“DevSecOps grants visibility into code vulnerability; it

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How to clone a GitHub repository: A quick tutorial

Jack Wallen shows you how easy it is to clone a repository from GitHub.

Git is the most widely-used distributed version control system on the planet. It’s free, open-source and can handle anything from small to massive projects. Git makes it easy to create new project repositories on your local drive or clone them from remote repositories.

One of the most popular remote repositories is GitHub. As of June 2022, GitHub reports there are over 83 million developers, 4 million organizations and 200 million repositories (both public and private) to be found on the service. In other words: It’s huge.

For those who’ve never worked with Git and GitHub, it’s not nearly as complicated as you think. And if you work with open source platforms of any type, chances are pretty good you’re going to eventually have to clone a repository from GitHub. Fortunately, this process is very easy to

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