OKdo Partners with Radxa to Deliver new ROCK SBCs

A new single board computer range offers developers flexibility and the option of custom hardware.

Image: OKdo

RS Group’s single board computer development and manufacturing unit OKdo is now working with Rockchip vendor Radxa on a range of SBC systems using Radxa’s ROCK designs. It’s an interesting partnership, giving Raxda access to OKdo’s experience in at-scale manufacturing and to its global support channels.

The intent of the new partnership is to give engineers the tools they need to build products around Radxa’s designs, while still supporting a maker community and students looking for a powerful, low-cost computing platform. As well as OKdo’s own support services, ROCK is supported through Radxa’s own online community tools.

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Introducing the ROCK 4 SE

The first board from the new partnership, the ROCK 4 SE, is now available. Based on Radxa’s Rockchip hexacore RK3399-T processor with 4GB

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Install Samba on RHEL-Based Linux Distributions

Image: joyfotoliakid/Adobe Stock

Samba is a key component of using Linux in a business environment. With this subsystem, users can share directories across the network so others can view and even edit the contents within.

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With some Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu Desktop, many of the pieces are in place by default. Other distributions, such as those based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, might not include everything required to get Samba working out of the box. That’s what I’m here for: I want to walk you through the process of getting Samba up and running on RHEL-based Linux distributions.

What you’ll need to get Samba running on RHEL-based distributions

The only things you’ll need to get Samba installed are a RHEL-based Linux distribution and a user with sudo privileges. I’ll demonstrate with EuroLinux, but this process

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