How 5G and AI will work together

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As new technology is constantly being developed, trends are merged and combined to enhance functionality and improve old systems. The future of fifth-generation cellular technology and artificial intelligence is a perfect example of how today’s innovators can apply two separate concepts together to develop new use cases and refine the inventions of the past to better serve the needs of the future.

Read on to learn more about how 5G and AI technology will work together to produce exciting new developments.

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5G evolution for the future

With their powers combined, AI and 5G technologies are a superforce. This dynamic duo has the potential to transform many different industries — from healthcare and transportation to entertainment and beyond.

This transformation of tech as we know it is expected to produce impressive contributions to the global economy. According to ABI Research, the

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How to install and use the Taskwarrior command-line todo list

If you want a very efficient way to keep track of your task lists from the command line, Taskwarrior is the tool to use.

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I use several task management tools, with most in the form of either a desktop or web-based application that offers a well-designed and easy-to-use graphical user interface to make the job simple. However, there are instances when I don’t have access to a GUI, such as when I’m working on a remote server and still want to keep a list of tasks. In those scenarios, a tool like Taskwarrior comes in handy.

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With Taskwarrior, I can manage a to-do list from the command line that does one thing and one thing only: keeps a list of tasks. Taskwarrior is unobtrusive, methodology-neutral, in active development, open source and easy to use. With this tool, I can keep

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