Xbox Series X and Series S restock: Where to buy this week

Xboxes are hot commodities this holiday shopping season. Here’s how to find and buy an Xbox Series X and Series S this week amid high demand.

Image: Target

On Nov. 10, Microsoft’s $500 Xbox Series X and the $300 Xbox Series S hit the market with plenty of fanfare. Since the debut, stores have quickly sold out of available options and others are quickly purchased as companies restock physical and virtual shelves. That said, it’s been difficult for many individuals to purchase a new Xbox Series X and Series S. To assist, we’ve created a list of options to consider as stores receive shipments and restock shelves in the days ahead. We will update this article periodically with new information as items become available.

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Where to buy the Xbox Series X and Series S

Newegg is offering a bundle pack

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The way we express grief for strangers is changing

In late March, Claire Rezba heard about the tragic death of Diedre Wilkes. Wilkes, a 42-year-old mammogram technician, had died alone of covid-19 in her home, her four-year-old child near her body.

Rezba, a physician based in Richmond, Virginia, was shaken. “That story resonated with me,” she says. “She was about my age.” Wilkes’s death also heightened Rezba’s anxiety and her fears of bringing the coronavirus home to her family.

Her response took the form of a memorial project. Whenever she could find a minute, Rezba searched for notices of health-care workers who had passed away. By mid-April, she had collected 150, which she started posting as tweet-length obits to her personal Twitter account. The list, US HCWs Lost to Covid19, “became a mission,” Rezba says—and continues to grow daily.

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Apple picks the best 15 apps that helped people connect, escape, and work out to survive 2020

Wakeout sends mini-workouts via email, Caribu helps family members read together via video calls, and Endel creates soothing soundscapes.

Apple selected Explain Everything Whiteboard as a top app of the year and an example of the increased interest in collaboration tools during 2020.

Image: Apple

Apps became more than a tool for productivity and entertainment in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic forced everything from work to exercise classes to go virtual overnight. People were looking for online replacements for everything in their daily schedules.

App developers rose to the challenge and Apple recognized the best of these efforts in the App Store Best of 2020 list released Dec. 2. Apple picked 15 apps and games that people use to stay healthy, connect with distant family members, and deal with the stress of the pandemic.

Wakeout won the iPhone app of the year with its alternative to the gym. Andres Canella

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