How to use VBA’s InputBox function to select a range on the fly in Excel

Automating the selection process isn’t difficult if you rely on VBA’s InputBox in Microsoft Excel.

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Often, you’ll want Excel users to specify a range that the app then uses in an automated way. Fortunately, Visual Basic for Applications’ InputBox function supports this task, so you won’t have to work very hard! You’ll learn how to select a range using InputBox in this article.

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I’m using Microsoft 365 on a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you can use earlier versions. Excel Online won’t support the VBA procedure in this article. Download the demonstration .xlsm, .xls, and .cls files to easily access the code.

What is InputBox?

VBA’s InputBox function is one of the most helpful functions you’ll use. It displays a dialog box and waits for the user to enter content and then click a button to continue. This function

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AI can add bias to hiring practices: One company found another way

After anglicizing his name, the founder of Knockri got a job. So he created a solution to remove bias from artificial intelligence in hiring.

TechRepublic’s Karen Roby spoke with Jahanzaib Ansari, co-founder and CEO of Knockri, a behavioral skills assessment platform, about unconscious bias in artificial intelligence. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

More about artificial intelligence

Karen Roby: I think what makes this really interesting and why I wanted to talk to you, Jahanzaib, is because your desire to create this company was rooted in your own personal story.

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Jahanzaib Ansari: I was actually applying to jobs and I wouldn’t hear back from employers. I have a long, ethnic name, which is Jahanzaib, and so my co-founder, Maaz, is like, “Why don’t you just anglicize it?” And we went from a variation of Jacob, Jordan, Jason, and

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