How You Can Quickly Test a New App: 5 Most Important Steps

One of the worst things a developer can do is release an app without thoroughly testing the app. It takes one security flaw or data breach to lead to lost downloads, revenue and credibility as a developer.

Testing is the key most important step before releasing an app to the public.

If you’re not testing a new app because it’s too time intensive or costly, you’re making a big mistake which can lead to your app’s failure. These five important steps can allow you to test your app quickly and ensure that your app is ready to be deployed.

1. Allocate Resources to App Testing

If you’re going to conduct in-house app testing, you need to allocate the appropriate resources to test properly. You’ll need to determine how many testers you need and what type of testers are needed.

Afterward, develop personas for beta testers to determine what you need

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3 Things to Do If Your Teen Son or Daughter Lands in Jail

Though many parents are petrified when their teen son or daughter is taken into custody, juvenile delinquency is not new in Montgomery County, Ohio, or for that matter in the US. The common teenage crimes are graffiti charges, vandalism, underage alcohol consumption, shoplifting, rash driving, and assault.

Putting teenagers in jail is expensive as well as ineffective, based on a recent report. Therefore, if your child (son or daughter) happens to be in jail, here are three things you must consider:

Keep your calm

No mom and dad are happy when they hear that their teen kid is behind the bars, but then these things do happen. First things first, you as parents should stay calm and composed to handle the crisis smartly.

Your teen son or daughter has done something wrong and therefore in prison, true, but that does not mean you yell at them or make things worse

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How a WiFi heatmap can help you improve your WiFi

There is virtually nothing more infuriating than a slow WiFi connection, especially when you need to browse the web or send an important email. Now, thanks to WiFi heatmap software, you can see where your WiFi coverage is cold, hot, or somewhere in between. You don’t have to guesstimate where your WiFi coverage is strong or weak, thanks to this remarkable wireless network optimizing tool. 

Wireless signals can be severely affected by electrical or radio interference, physical objects as well as the environment. Do you know a concrete wall or even a single mirror can significantly decrease the WiFi signal by more than 75 percent?

The most efficient way to quickly determine your coverage area or whether your signal is leaking is via the use of a WiFi heatmap.

What is a WiFi Heatmap?

Image: NetSpot

A WiFi heatmap is a two-dimensional map or graphic representation of the strength

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Six Ways to Grow Fruits in your Backyard

In today’s world, we are learning how important it is to be self-sufficient. Learning how to grow your own food is essential if you want to be independent and self-reliant. There are many people today who like to travel. They have learned to find jobs along the way that will support them while they visit and tour various countries. Australia fruit picking jobs are among the most popular choices.

While there are permanent positions open, many people choose to work in a casual position as they enjoy learning the unique Australian culture. This can be very beneficial in learning how to grow fruits in your own backyard. Here are some useful tips:

  1. It’s important to plant fruits that are suitable for the climate in which you live. Australia has five basic climate zones. These five zones are cool, arid, sub-tropical, temperate, And tropical. Be sure to plant
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Top 10 Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the e-commerce method that allows online store owners to sell products without keeping them in inventory. Instead of doing everything from the traditional selling process, the dropshipping can help merchants to sell products, give orders to dropshipping suppliers who are in charge to package and ship to customers.


Shop owners can start with Shopify as it has fully functional tools that you need. However, the most challenging part of this entire process is managing the backend of online businesses like sourcing quality inventory, keeping track of stock from suppliers, and communicating with them.

Shopify Dropshipping apps appear to answer these challenges for admins. This blog will bring you an overview of the top 10 best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping.

What is Shopify’s dropshipping?

Dropshipping allows business doers to sell their items without having to store them as inventory. Customers place orders on your e-commerce store. Then store

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