Data migration: Best practices and strategies

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Migrating data, systems, IT infrastructure and applications is no easy feat. But, many companies, pressed to modernize and meet the current market demands of the digital transformation era, may feel the urge to rush through their migration process to keep up with their peers.

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Major problems can emerge for organizations that do not have a clear step-by-step plan and overarching strategy in place before they start a data migration. This best practices guide will help shape your own processes and procedures for a successful data migration.

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Important data migration strategy components

Data migration is not just about finding the right vendor and deploying automated tools that integrate and migrate your systems. Each company is also responsible for developing its own migration strategy; top migration service providers are most effective when that strategy is well-defined.

There are several

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How To Integrate Trello With Gmail

See how to integrate the Trello software with Google Mail for a much simpler project management workflow.

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Trello and Gmail are two tools that make my daily grind a bit less of a slog. Both products top their class in ease of use and functionality, and because I use them both so much, it would be handy if they could be integrated.

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With the help of a simple Google Workspace app, you can bring Trello into Gmail such that you can quickly create a Trello card from an email. If you find yourself regularly pulling information from an email to create a board card in Trello, this app is exactly what you’ve been looking for, as it will simplify your workflow. Who doesn’t want that?

What you’ll need to integrate Trello with Gmail

You’ll only need two things for this

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How to embed Taskade on your website

Learn how to embed a Taskade project into a website or blog to simplify your workflow.

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If you use Taskade as a project management tool, and you happen to have a website team members use, you might want to combine those two to make the workflow even easier. That’s the goal, right? To work smarter, not harder? You’ll be happy to know that Taskade makes it possible to embed an entire project into your website so that there’s only one point of entry for all your team’s needs.

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I want to show you how easy it is to do this so everyone is literally on the same page. This will also make it possible for you to share your project with those who aren’t on the team, as you might have stakeholders who need to check on the project’s progress

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Best IT Asset Management Software of 2022

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If the winds are blowing toward greater investment in tech, the IT weathervane is definitely pointing in that direction: According to data outlined in the 2022 State of IT report by Spiceworks’ Ziff Davis, most businesses (53%) expect tech spending to increase year-over-year in the next 12 months. Gartner predicts IT spending will grow by 3% throughout 2022, despite the current financial environment.

“The current levels of volatility being seen in both inflation and currency exchange rates is not expected to deter CIOs’ investment plans for 2022,” said John-David Lovelock, vice president of Gartner.

Lovelack further warned that organizations that opt out of investing in the short term “will likely fall behind in the medium term and risk not being around in the long term.”

Among top categories on corporate IT shopping lists are data center systems, software and IT devices. Gartner also reports that companies are

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Top 5 trends to watch in industrial IoT

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Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been taking measures to maintain continuous operations. The solutions that support efficiency across each level of work processes are now highly valued.

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For this to be possible, we can thank recent developments in IoT technologies that support more flexible, agile and capable solutions for businesses. From the adoption of artificial intelligence to the rise of energy efficiency, read on to learn how recent trends in industrial IoT are fueling business optimization.

Top 5 industrial IoT trends

Digital twins

Digital twin technology is a virtual model that digitally represents a physical device. This technology enables organizations to benefit from the data gathered through replications of real-world products and scenarios in a digital form.

By applying data obtained from sensors on a given object, the technology can imitate the object’s

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