Germany invests in the DRC, but renewables could save all of Africa

Adolescent men in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) are recruited by warlords because they are desperate. A new German fund will help keep farming in the family and guys like this in his father’s arms. Bigger steps are needed from the top down: Investing in renewables is the answer.

Mass migration of people suffering from conflict and climate change ––  from Syria to Iraq to Yemen, to all over countries in Africa –– worries Europe. Climate change messes up water resources, limits agriculture; it promotes famine and exacerbates pest infestations like the locust attack weighing down on Africa and the Middle East right now.

Good news from our hardworking neighbors in Germany – the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the German Development Bank KfW, has just given $54 million USD in aid to help keep young Congo men out of the hands Read more

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How much does the Internet contribute to global warming and can we switch to carbon neutral servers?

A group of international bloggers from cleantech media, Grist, Treehugger and Green Prophet visiting a power plant in Finland. Green Prophet’s Karin, 8 months pregnant is on the right.

Ten years ago I was flown into Helsinki with a handful of other bloggers, from Grist, TreeHugger, Greentech Media. We were to spend several days in Finland learning about its bold and practical solutions to doing better business by the environment. 

We met a factory that was developing heat pumps to be used in homes and offices. We learned about the sauna culture (they calculate money earned in terms of how many saunas you could buy with the money), the good Finnish sense of humor, and the most inspiring was a large server station built under a cathedral in Helsinki. 

Nothing I saw there was flat out wow hightech, like what you can find in Silicon Valley or Israel, Read more

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Scholarships For Women

The SQA Advanced Diploma in Computing: Software program Improvement (SCQF stage eight) provides learners with a development route into employment. Past the following five years, offering credible assessments of energy use by digital technologies is extraordinarily troublesome. Direct power use over the long run will continue to be a battle between knowledge demand development versus the continuation of efficiency enhancements. What follows is an inventory of the required unit credits for the Software Design program. This info is meant as a information and is subject to vary. The exact and up-to-date necessities for Computing diploma plans might be found online in the Arts and Science Calendar In case of discrepancies, the calendar needs to be thought of as the official definition.… Read more

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History Of Software

It is a basic term for Services, Software program, and Purposes and so forth that may involve supply of hosted companies over the Internet and even Intranet. Malware , short for malicious software program, is any software program used to disrupt pc operation, collect delicate data, or gain access to private computer methods. Malware is outlined by its malicious intent, performing in opposition to the requirements of the computer consumer, and does not embody software that causes unintentional harm attributable to some deficiency. The time period badware is usually used, and applied to each true (malicious) malware and unintentionally dangerous software program.… Read more

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How To Remove The “Win 7 Web Security 2011” Virus From Your COMPUTER For Good

The web is becoming a breeding floor for businesses these days. Gateways are gadgets which join two are more networks that use different protocols. They’re comparable in operate to routes however they are extra highly effective and intelligent units. A gateway can really convert data so that network with an software on a computers on the other aspect of the gateway e.g a get method can receive email messages in one format in convert them into one other format. Gateway can operate at all seven layer of OSI mannequin. Since Gateway carry out information conversion so they are slower in velocity and really costly units.… Read more

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