While the Internet is unarguably a very powerful technological invention of man, one will not be at all times safe in it. Actually, anyone can have his internet security compromised by hackers and system contaminants such as viruses, worms and Trojans. When managing employees’ net usage, it will be important for management to think about that there could nonetheless be many of them who’re unaware of the dangers of visiting unsafe web sites, particularly when they obtain information which could presumably threaten the soundness of their computer systems and the whole network. It is, thus, vital for management to conduct a special session specifically meant for raising consciousness about these things among employees. For example, a few of them should still be unaware about phishing emails. It is necessary that awareness is instilled in everybody using any of the network’s computer systems to ensure that the positioning’s safety isn’t compromised. Again, securing the positioning is just not solely helpful for the operational requirements of the enterprise however extra so for guaranteeing the protection of customers’ information.