Black Basta may be an all-star ransomware gang made up of former Conti and REvil members

The group has targeted 50 businesses from English speaking countries since April 2022.

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Earlier this month, a report surfaced that former ransomware group Conti had split up, with many members of the collective joining or creating new adversary factions and why that made these former members more dangerous than ever. As of today, this may have become a reality. A new ransomware group by the name of Black Basta has become notable in the ransomware game, having formed in April 2022 and believed to be made up of former Conti and REvil members.

The current members of Conti dispute sharing any involvement with the new group however, saying that the Black Basta group are simply “kids” according to Conti’s hacking forum.

Findings released today by XDR company Cybereason detail the activities of this new gang, along with ways that both companies and individuals can attempt to

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How to import a Google calendar into Microsoft Outlook

You can import a static snapshot of a Google calendar into Microsoft Outlook to avoid missing appointments or scheduling errors.

Image: FellowNeko/Adobe Stock

It’s common to use a third-party calendar such as Google Calendar even if you also use Microsoft Outlook’s Calendar feature. One might use Outlook on your PC and Google Calendar on mobile devices. With two different calendars, you might want to see events from both Google and Outlook on the same calendar to avoid scheduling mistakes. Fortunately, this is possible.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to import Google Calendar files into Microsoft Outlook. In a future article, I’ll show you how to subscribe to Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook.

I’m using Microsoft Outlook desktop and Google Calendar with Edge on a Windows 10 64-bit system. You can use older versions through Outlook 2013. Don’t worry if your steps don’t match the article perfectly. If you

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