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The Value of Plant Conservation

Plants are vital to all things existing here on Earth. However, it is sad to note that many plant species and communities from across the globe are under threat. Scientists estimate more or less 100,000 plants that will be threatened by extinction. These numbers are over one-third of the current number of plant species existing on the planet. Proper education about the value of these is vital to their existence. It is equally important to know the value of plant conservation and get proper education about this aspect of caring for plants.

There are many threats that take over different plant species from tree shrubs and bamboos to succulents and aquatic orchids. Some of the main threats include overcollection, invasive species, and habit destruction. You disrupt the ecosystems as a whole when one of these plant species disappears because other species will not have any sources of shelter and food anymore. Furthermore, without plants, soils are unstable and erosion may be possible.

As a way to prevent more plant diversity loss, people from around the world are putting in a lot of efforts despite critical plant situations. International treaties are setting targets and goals worldwide for plant conservation. Outcome-oriented goals are what most worldwide efforts on plant conservation revolve around. Strategies for plant conservation have recognized the value of education in conservation programs. More importance should be placed on plant diversity. Plant conservation should also be included in communication, public awareness, and educational programs.

The reason for conserving plants is something that any person deserves to know. Again, plant diversity is vital to the overall functioning of various ecosystems. In short, it providers the essential support systems that all life depends on. The services that ecosystems offer include climate regulation, carbon sequestration, pollination, and nutrient cycling. Plants also offer people clothes, medicine, shelter, and food directly. These plants are where you acquire all possible raw materials that are sources of various products people depend on.

The spiritual and cultural values you get from plants are also one of many things that people consider. One such example are village elders sitting under a tree prior to making important judicial and political decisions. In essence, plants are an essential component to the existence of human beings. Again, all plant species are under threat around the globe. To ensure biodiversity conservation, plant conservation should be at the root of worldwide efforts.

Plant diversity is lost at increasing rates. Habitat degradation and loss are common causes of plant species loss. The habitat of plants is destroyed mainly by human activity. There is an overexploitation of various plant species too. Their extinction decline is also brought by climate change. With all of these threats, coordinated action is vital to reduce and halt biodiversity loss. The establishment of botanic gardens is crucial for the conservation of plant diversity for the benefit of all.

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