Try this amazing Trello project management template

Trello includes plenty of pre-made templates to make project management easier, and the Amazing Kanban Project Template is as amazing as the title would imply. Find out what it includes and how to use it.

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Trello has been one of my favorite project management platforms to date. With its ease of use and tons of features, this tool can serve just about any size and type of project. One of the many outstanding features found in Trello is the vast amount of pre-made templates you can make use of.

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Recently, I came across a template that uses the Amazing Fields PowerUp to track key data points and can be used for just about any type of project. If you’re unfamiliar with the Amazing Fields PowerUp, I’ve covered it here, but the TL;DR is Amazing Fields allows you to customize

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Dice’s salary report indicates it’s still a good time to work in tech

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Even with the strong possibility of a recession, the average salary for U.S. tech professionals is once again over the six-figure mark, according to Dice’s 2023 Tech Salary report. This indicates that tech pros with specialized skills are still highly in demand.

An overall dip in hiring caused by a recession “would not necessarily have an impact on core tech roles, given the importance of these skill sets in running company operations, securing critical data and continuing digital transformation efforts,” the newly-released report noted.

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Greater dissatisfaction with salaries

In 2022, the average U.S. tech salary increased by 2.3% to $111,348. At the same time, respondents indicated greater dissatisfaction with their salary compared to 2021, with nearly half (49%) believing they are underpaid.

“Combined with the 52% who are likely to change employers within the next year, you have a double-edged sword for organizations:

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