Top 5 tech buzzwords to know

There are a lot of tech terms to keep straight these days. Tom Merritt lists the top five tech buzzwords you need to know.

Buzzwords: those jargon turns of phrase that fall from everyone’s lips. Their frequency of use can make them annoying, but it’s the frequency that makes them buzzy. It’s good to know what they are and what they really mean. Here are five tech buzzwords you should know.

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  1. “-as-a-service.” The Netflix model has conquered all—just subscribe. Software-as-a-service? Of course! Security-as-a-service? Smart move. Energy-as-a-service? Housing-as-a-service? Robot-as-a-service? Hamburgers-as-a-service? All but that last one are real things.
  2. “Disruption.” I’m certain when this was first used in tech circles back in the 1990s it felt meaningful. Today, it’s a tad overused. No, you’re not “disrupting” coffee delivery by bringing me coffee—you’re just bringing me coffee, Pat.
  3. “Digital transformation.” This is a
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How to add a highlighter to your mouse pointer in Windows 10

Getting and keeping the attention of your audience during a meeting is easier with visual flare like highlighting the mouse pointer. Windows 10 buries the feature deep in the Control Panel.


For many of us operating in a modern work environment, having a team meeting often means we are using some form of remote online collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. When you are leading one of these online meetings, getting and holding everyone’s attention can be a challenge. Any visual aid you can bring to the table would be helpful.

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In Microsoft Windows 10, using a setting found deep in the Control Panel, you can add a simple pulsing highlighter visual cue to your standard mouse pointer. This small bit of flare can help you get and keep the attention of your audience during

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Internet Of Issues (IOT) Market Report 2017

Only in the final couple of years have machines been in a position to trick human judges into believing they’re carrying on a conversation with another human.

internet of things and edge cloud computing roadmap for manufacturing

The explanation more of us aren’t getting photo voltaic panels to take care of their vitality wants is that there’s lots of misinformation on the market. Rising economies comparable to Japan, India and China are expected to be the key drivers of IoT trade on account of manifestation of main component and expertise manufacturers comparable to Huawei and Samsung coupled with the potential for the high-pace broadband internet. Asia Pacific is thereby projected to develop at a CAGR of roughly sixteen.0% over the following seven years. , over car parking garages or even at floor stage. The only thing to be careful about is that they get satisfactory publicity to sunlight. The set … Read more

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