Linux: Fedora 33 beta brings new file system and more support for Raspberry Pi

A full release of the Fedora 33 Linux distribution is expected at the end of October.

Fedora 33 is ready for testing

Image: Fedora  

The Fedora Project’s latest Linux distribution is now available in beta, bringing with it a new file system, a new GNOME environment and introducing official support for Raspberry Pi.

The Fedora 33 Beta comes ahead of a planned launch of the full distribution at the end of October. Alongside Fedora Workstation and Fedora Server, Fedora 33 Beta adds Fedora IoT as a supported edition for the first time. Fedora IoT supports low-power hardware platforms based on x86 and ARM64 architecture, which includes the Raspberry Pi and Pine64 boards.

With the introduction of Fedora 33, all of the desktop variants of the platform – including Fedora Workstation and Fedora KDE – will use BTRFS as the default file system. Matthew Miller, project lead at Fedora, noted that

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How AI will revolutionize manufacturing

Ask Stefan Jockusch what a factory might look like in 10 or 20 years, and the answer might leave you at a crossroads between fascination and bewilderment. Jockusch is vice president for strategy at Siemens Digital Industries Software, which develops applications that simulate the conception, design, and manufacture of products like cell phones or smart watches. His vision of a smart factory is abuzz with “independent, moving” robots. But they don’t stop at making one or three or five things. No—this factory is “self-organizing.”

This podcast episode was produced by Insights, the custom content arm of MIT Technology Review. It was not produced by MIT Technology Review’s editorial staff.

“Depending on what product I throw at this factory, it will completely reshuffle itself and work differently when I come in with a very different product,” Jockusch says. “It will self-organize itself to do something different.”

Behind this factory of the

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3 Types of Commercial Solar Cold Email

Feel you are reaching out to a forest of abyss? Even greentech companies like solar energy need good sales skills. Here’s how.

There are over 3.9 billion email users worldwide. And that means you can connect with pretty much any commercial solar lead through cold email.

But do you know that 25{77abe934691bc9f0e5658a7ee6b88ebc438a340cda54c5613400e9750ebd8615} of cold emails aren’t actually seen? Even more so, 47{77abe934691bc9f0e5658a7ee6b88ebc438a340cda54c5613400e9750ebd8615} of these emails are discarded. Now imagine gathering several quality solar leads and sending hundreds of emails each day, only for your response rate to be around the 2{77abe934691bc9f0e5658a7ee6b88ebc438a340cda54c5613400e9750ebd8615} mark. Not encouraging, right?

But don’t beat yourself up. Cold email campaigns are tricky and tough to break through. If you’re having a hard time driving sales or higher response rates, it’s about time you stopped spinning your wheels and reviewed your strategy.

For starters, how good are your CTA requests? Not so good, I presume? Many marketers pay

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