Want an IT job? Look outside the tech industry

Commentary: If you’re looking for a software/IT job, find out why you might be better off searching outside tech. Also, learn what these hiring trends mean for open source.

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Remember when “software was going to eat the world“? Well, it happened. According to Burning Glass data analyzed by Dice, if you want a software job in 2020, your best bet is to look outside the technology industry. Why? Because while two tech companies top the list in terms of hiring the most software developers, the entirety of the remaining top 10 goes to companies in the Financial Services, Defense, or Professional Services. 

Think that’s just a blip? It’s not. As laid out in a Burning Glass report in late 2019, 89{77abe934691bc9f0e5658a7ee6b88ebc438a340cda54c5613400e9750ebd8615} of all tech job postings are listed by non-tech companies. In other words, software has never been more

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Explainer: What do political databases know about you?

American citizens are inundated with political messages—on social networks, in their news feeds, through email, text messages, and phone calls. It’s not an accident that people get bombarded: political groups prefer a “multimodal” voter contact strategy, where they use many platforms and multiple attempts to persuade a citizen to engage with their cause or candidate. An ad is followed by an email, which is followed by a text message—all designed to reinforce the message.

These strategies are employed by political campaigns, political action committees, advocacy groups, and nonprofits alike. These different groups are subject to very different rules and regulations, but they all rely on capturing and devouring data about millions of people in America. 

Who is in these data sets?

Almost everyone. Most campaigns get their voter information from a handful of data vendors, either nonpartisan or partisan. These companies try to provide data on all US adults, regardless

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Advance your Linux skills with these 3 command line primers

You can’t rely on a GUI forever. Instead, check out these helpful Linux guides on how to manage users and servers with the command line.

Open source powers many corporate servers, and admins need to know their way around Linux services to keep vital operations running smoothly. That means mastering the command line. The following three downloads from TechRepublic Premium will help you do just that.  

TechRepublic contributorJack Wallen wrote these command-line primers. Wallen, who has been using Linux and writing about it for more than 20 years, knows the ins and outs of most Linux  distributions, as well as how to keep systems running smoothly. Follow his advice on how to master the Linux command line, and your servers andusers will be in good shape.

Linux administrators must know how to control services via the command line. Because many Linux servers are headless, there is no GUI app to

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