International renewable org bolsters renewables in Africa

Renewables are perfect for Africa where more than half of all people don’t have access to clean power. Microgrids powered by renewables are the future.

With Ebola flaring up again and corona taking over our lives, Africa is more vulnerable than ever. This year starts the decade of action when we must all band together to make renewables part of Africa in every way, from domestic use like by the Israeli tech company Lumos to renewables in mining.

So this news makes us happy: The African Union Commission (AUC) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) have agreed to work closely to advance renewable energy across the continent to bolster Africa’s response to Covid-19. The two organisations will focus on innovative solutions to drive the development of renewable energy including decentralised systems, and to increase access to energy across the continent.

The cooperation aims to bolster Africa’s response to the … Read more

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What we can learn about renewable energy from Australia

Australian women always seem to follow the sun.

With a bounty of sun, the giant island nation and continent of Australia is landlocked. Like any island nation that is restricted from movement because of political or territorial disputes, nations like Australia, Switzerland or Israel learn that they need to be self-sufficient and fend for themselves. 

They create a local and sustainable food supply, support basic industries like paper and supplies, meet their needs by creating a federal water system that does not rely on another country; and by creating a power network and grid that does not rely on Middle East oil that may or may not be embargoed if a nation feels like it. 

If we look to successful countries in the world we see the hopeful ambitions of countries like Israel which is blessed with an enormous amount of sun and yet its renewable energy output remains low Read more

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Renewables made up more than half of all new energy sources in 2019

Let’s keep this up post-corona and anything the world might throw at us. Renewables keep economies and communities resilient. A solar energy field in Israel called Ashalim.

The renewable energy sector added 176 gigawatts (GW) of generating capacity globally in 2019, marginally lower than the (revised) 179 GW added in 2018. However, new renewable power accounted for 72 per cent of all power expansion last year, according to new data released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

IRENA’s annual Renewable Capacity Statistics 2020 shows that renewables expanded by 7.6 per cent last year with Asia dominating growth and accounting for 54 per cent of total additions. While expansion of renewables slowed last year, total renewable power growth outpaced fossil fuel growth by a factor of 2.6, continuing the dominance of renewables in power expansion first established in 2012. Solar and wind contributed 90 per cent of total renewable capacity Read more

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5 Steps To Implement A Containerization Strategy Successfully

Everything in energy – from optimizing charging stations at EV networks to optimizing the grid – works by software. How do we make it better for renewables?

There are several steps for backend developers to implement a reliable containerization strategy. Many modern software development teams are taking advantage of container technology in order to guarantee enhanced storage security and accelerated application delivery. Even with various containerized networks available, there are several steps to take before you can launch a reliable strategy. Taking the proper steps ensures that your system and development team is prepared for the integration of container application technology. If you are interested in a unique development strategy for your software pipeline, read on to learn about the essential steps to implement a containerization strategy. 

Assess The Readiness Of Your Platform

Before you can implement an effective containerization strategies, you need to first assess the readiness of your Read more

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Encrypt Email Attachments with Jumble

You’ve asked for it (on more than one occasion) and we can finally announce that Jumble has released email attachments; this is BIG news! Now when you send a secure email you can easily attach ANY file type for encryption – Jumble will seamlessly encrypt email attachments and include it in the secure email.

Why the wait for encrypted email attachments?

It took us a little longer than planned to develop and release encrypted attachments because unlike most end-to-end email encryption providers Jumble is zero-knowledge and combining the functionality with the ease of use took some time.
If you want to know more about what zero knowledge means click here but in brief it means we don’t have access to your email data or attachments as we don’t store a copy of it….EVER.  This means we can’t read your email data or attachments and we can’t hand it over nor … Read more

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