All You Need to Know About 3D Modeling

3D modeling refers to the creation of 3D models on specialized software. It is a part of the graphic designing line of work and is currently being used in several key industries across the globe.

Creating 3D models gives an enhanced perspective as to what a finished factory product can and can help in creating models of various objects. 3D printers often go hand in hand with the modeling software. These printers can print out an exact replica of the design created in the software.

Why Is It Becoming So Popular?

Ever since the concept was introduced, 3D modeling has created waves of change in various industries. The practicality of having a 3-dimensional model of any object has eased the work of experts in industries ranging from healthcare and production to animation and video games.

Healthcare experts are using this technique to create limbs to help amputated people. Realistic models

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A look at the tech companies that received over $150k in PPP loans

In late March, the US government approved the Paycheck Protection Program, which would let businesses apply for a low interest (1%), forgivable loan in the wake of businesses shutting down over COVID-19. The PPP was intended for smaller businesses (under 500 people), but apparently, that hasn’t stopped many companies from taking advantage of the program thanks to specific wording regarding singular locations.

There have been plenty of stories of businesses that really didn’t need the loan getting approved for loans over $100,000, but this week, the US government released a list of all the companies that received loans over $150,000.

The list is already making waves, with some companies saying the information is incorrect. Take Bird, for example. The electric scooter company supposedly received a loan worth between $5 million and $10 million, but the company and CEO have come out to say that it is

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Top 100+ Dofollow Web 2.0 Submission Sites 2020 [Updated List]

Are you seeking for web 2.0 submission sites? Here at we are listed top 100+ dofollow web 2.0 submission sites list which will help you to improve rankings in the search engines and increase traffic of your website.

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is the second generation of the world wide web which allow people to collaborate and share information online via social media, blogging and Web-based communities. Using web 2.0, anyone can create their own pages, put pictures, submit articles to interact with any other user.

The concept behind Web 2.0 refers to rich web applications, web- oriented architecture and social web. Web 2.0 is one of the best ways to build the quality backlinks and get more traffic. You have to create unique and high quality content regularly on your site that will definitely generate huge traffic. It allows anyone to contribute, regardless of

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5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Digital Age

What is a good gift if you can’t see the person in person? This means your gift will be processed virtually, and it’s just timely with all the social distancing going on. But the object doesn’t have to be as digital as the medium.

This collection is curated to evoke a sense of love and care for your recipient during these times. The question is not what it is but what it’s for. And we all need deeper self-care more than ever.

Gift Ideas for the Digital Age

Though many celebrations have been put on hold, you can always show how much you care by catching up via Zoom and sending one of these thoughtful gifts below:

Godiva Chocolate Overload Gift Basket

godiva chocolate

Since everything is fast-paced and done in a tap, we tend to forget to take a downtime and breathe.

This Godiva Chocolate Overload Gift Basket will remind your

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Tech giants: From the basement to world domination

Over recent years, many people have decided to start their own business, and many have done so within the tech industry. In today’s digital age, technology has become a pivotal part of our lives, and those providing tech goods and services can expect a high level of success. This is why starting a tech company can be so rewarding and exciting.

Of course, many tech companies have been started over the years, and some have become huge household names all around the world. What’s surprising is that many of these huge world dominators were once just basement tech startup companies, where the founders operated the business from a basement while they were building it up. You will be amazed at the companies that started life in a basement, and in this article, we will run through some of the top ones.

Basement Tech Companies that Became Global Giants


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