What’s the point of open source without contributors? Turns out, there are several

Commentary: Here are reasons to open source your code even if you don’t want contributions.

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Single-vendor open source projects are somewhat common, but are they actually “open source” in any useful sense of that term? It’s often said that open source is as much about community as code, but in a project with all committers and maintainers sitting behind the same firewall, there’s no real contributor community. So why bother with open source at all?

I asked that question of Twitter (yes, all of it). Turns out, there are good reasons to open source your code, even if you never expect a single other contributor to submit a pull request.

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A matter of persistence

The first reason may have nothing to do with community, but everything to do with posterity. According to Steven Rostedt, “To

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How and when to use the Recall feature in Outlook (and other email systems)

The Recall function in certain email systems allows senders to pull messages back if sent in error. Learn which systems this applies to and some of the stipulations with Microsoft Outlook email.

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Outlook’s Recall feature, which ostensibly offers users a way to recall emails they have sent either by mistake, with incorrect or inappropriate information or in the heat of a bad moment, has been around for some time across numerous versions. Its usage was especially common when the “press Ctrl-Enter to send” problem was well underway (this can be disabled in Options and every place I’ve worked recently has done so via policies) … and also hilarious.

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Why hilarious? In the past it hasn’t been entirely reliable, and instead of NOT recalling the message, recipients have received a new message stating the sender tried to recall the prior

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Worldwide Semiconductor Wireless Sensor Web Of Things (IoT) Market Rises To 100 Billion By 2020

The typical American house uses about 25 kWh of electrical energy per day. – Reduces ambient temperature. Internet of Things seems set to remodel healthcare in the near future.

internet of things powerpoint presentation

In this techno world, where all the pieces is changing at lightning velocity it becomes obligatory for all the businesses to develop an advance app for his or her enterprise. You’ve got no doubt heard of chatbots and how they’re altering retail client engagement, particularly on the e-commerce stage. With increasingly more customers shopping on-line, these chatbots, which are supported by AI software, are an important part of rising a web based retail business. However some people also use the Darkish Web to promote actually intuitive issues. One consumer reported that he had come throughout a web site the place a person was promoting carrots, and no, the carrot was not code for anything. He was … Read more

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