There are many types of businesses that need to use an email encryption or secure email portal solution to protect their communications.  A combination of cybercrime and regulations such as Continue Reading

There are many types of businesses that need to use an email encryption or secure email portal solution to protect their communications.  A combination of cybercrime and regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, FERPA and GLBA are forcing businesses like healthcare practitioners, financial institutions, legal firms, educational institutions, payment processors and many more to secure their information including their email communications.

For the most part, these businesses are using a solution that came to prominence in the early 2000’s and despite various iterations and updates, this solution still has a user experience considered “acceptable” for the early 2000’s.  This solution is secure email using a portal system, whereby a user accesses a third party site to read and send secure messages.  It’s important to remember that despite some modern day marketing efforts, this solution is not the same as an email encryption solution.  Over the past few years countless products have come to the market offering various different types of secure email, all with the latest features, however, they all have one thing in common, the user still needs to log into a different web site or portal to read a secured email.

A frustrating process to read a secure email

If you were to receive a secured email, your typical experience to read the email through a portal would be as follows:

Secure-email-notification2-256x300 Secure email portals V's easy to use email encryption

  • receive a call-to-action within an email from the sender;
  • click the link to go to the specific portal;
  • log into the portal using either:
    1. a password you chose upon account set-up with the portal provider;
    2. a particular password that the sender has somehow securely shared; or
    3. a one-time password for each email.
  • once logged-in the email can be read.

Now, consider going through that process on a mobile device or trying to find the email in future after it’s been archived in the portal….. frustrating, right?

Negative impacts of secure portals

Not only can portal solutions be frustrating, they can negatively impact a business, its employees and its customers:

Business impacts:

  • portals are often costly to implement;
  • portals reduce productivity as employees are constantly wasting time downloading and uploading files to and from them; and
  • there’s a potential security risk if the company’s sensitive information is stored on the servers owned by the portal provider.

Employees impacts:

  • these solutions can cause employees to be frustrated and less productive;
  • in a B2B situation, it’s common for each organisation to have a different solution and the employees then need to log into each platform multiple times each day simply to access various emails; and
  • often the solutions don’t sync with the employees’ inbox, which means they ultimately need to manage two or more different inboxes.

Customer impacts:

  • when a customer receives a secured email they need to do multiple steps just to read it – as laid out above;
  • often they access their emails on a mobile device, which makes the above process even more difficult; and
  • often the emails are archived after a period of time and if the customer needs to access the information after that period of time they can incur a penalty. 

Simple email encryption that works inside your inbox!

Modern day, innovative solutions such as Jumble make it really easy for businesses, their employees and their customers to communicate securely without leaving their inbox.  Jumble works as an add-in or extension to existing email clients, which means you don’t need to manage encryption keys, passwords for each email or log into third-party portals.  The graphic below shows how Jumble works as an extension in Google Chrome for Google Apps and Gmail. The extension can be seen in the top right-hand corner while the footer “Message secured by Jumble” and the attachment can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

gmail-email-encryption-2 Secure email portals V's easy to use email encryption

It’s that simple!

For more information, visit and try it for FREE.

TL;DR – traditional secure email solutions cost businesses time and money; Jumble’s simple email encryption solution provides a secure innovative alternative.  

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