How to access and listen to podcasts on a Chromebook

Chrome OS includes a basic audio player, yet other options offer many more features to Chromebook podcast listeners.

Four podcast players on a Chromebook: Google Podcasts (upper left), AntennaPod (upper right), podStation Podcast Player (lower left), Pocket Casts Plus (lower right). 

Photo: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic

Podcast player options on mobile devices are fairly obvious. Many people use the podcast player native to their device, which means either the Apple Podcasts app on iOS or the Google Podcasts app on Android. When you have an internet connection, you may choose to stream a podcast audio session or download a file for listening later offline.

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On most Chromebooks, there’s no podcast app pre-installed, although there is a basic audio player app. Unfortunately, not every podcast player option will work on every Chrome OS device. For example, older Chromebooks don’t support Android apps. Additionally, if you use a device

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The Most Efficient Photo voltaic Panels For Your Home In 2021

The question then turns into what to do in terms of maintenance for solar panels and how to maintain them functioning effectively for so long as potential?

a survey on internet of things and cloud computing for healthcare

There is not any avoiding artificial intelligence. csharp-home Whether or not it’s all about financial information, personal data, or healthcare information, access to confidential or crucial data makes security one of many essential elements. One of the crucial vulnerable points of the web is data safety. Knowledge and knowledge breaches may value you billions. Safety ought to be the first thing you concentrate on. By no means make it an afterthought. Keep abreast on security applied sciences and encryptions to reduce data breach dangers. In years to come back, Moss and Hunt defined it on related strains as the power to get along with others” and P. E. Vernon in 1930s carried … Read more

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Microsoft and IBM use apprentice programs to diversify the tech world and solve the labor shortage

Apprenti works with tech companies in 15 states to expand the pipeline of software engineers, cloud administrators and data analysts.

Image: IQoncept/istock

Tech leaders who want to fill open jobs and hit diversity goals should test a new hiring strategy: Apprenticeship programs. Companies that start hiring people based on skill sets instead of specific education or work history requirements can accomplish both goals. 

Jennifer Carlson, executive director, Washington Technology Industry Association Workforce Institute and the Apprenti program, said the goal for apprenticeship is to open the aperture on the tech talent pool. “Apprenticeship needs a coalition of the willing to look beyond traditional hiring standards and accept that people can be retrained at any age to take these jobs,” she said.

Carlson and her team build training programs based on the types of roles companies are looking to fill. Each student in a class is sponsored by a company that

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