Why you should encrypt email Email is great – it allows you to communicate quickly and simply.  Unfortunately, with our lives being conducted more and more online criminals have moved online Continue Reading

Why you should encrypt email

Email is great – it allows you to communicate quickly and simply.  Unfortunately, with our lives being conducted more and more online criminals have moved online also and your email is prime target for them.  Every day criminals hack large numbers of email accounts to glean personal data that can be used to access bank accounts or perpetrate identity theft.  Email security has never been so important but the process to encrypt email in order to secure data is no easy task.

How to encrypt email

You can secure the connection as you send and receive emails with SSL encryption, but this only works for the few seconds an email is in transit.   You can secure the email for its entire life by using end-to-end encryption.  Unfortunately, end-to-end encryption usually involves generating cryptographic keys and exchanging them with the recipients before the email can even be sent.

Encrypt email…simply

Jumble was designed so that it could be used without any knowledge of data security, encryption or encryption keys.  Jumble secures your emails with end-to-end encryption without the need to exchange keys.  Jumble strikes the balance between security and simplicity.

Unlike other solutions:

  • users keep their existing email address and account;
  • users can securely communicate with anyone – whether they have a Jumble account or not;
  • it’s on-demand encryption – users secure only the emails they want to and send others as normal;
  • Jumble does not store a copy of users’ email or attachments…EVER.  See more below about how Jumble is Zero Knowledge.

Once you install Jumble you’ll notice some subtle changes to your email account – you’ll have a new button “Secure send” in your compose window.

protect-data-300x147 Encrypt email with Jumble's easy to use plug-in

Jumble’s one-click email encryption solution

Check out a very informative but short screencast which will explain how to install and use Jumble to encrypt all your emails.

How to install Jumble secure email encryption

Jumble’s encryption

Note: You don’t need to know about any of the below (as this is what Jumble does) but if you’re interested to learn more then read on…..

Jumble uses standard encryption algorithms that have been published and peer reviewed over many years.  Specifically, we use 256-bit AES keys to encrypt the email data and then use a 2048-bit RSA public key to encrypt the AES key.  In fact we use 2 different sets of encryption keys for each email you send:

    1. A random single-use AES key is created for each email sent; this key is used to encrypt the actual email
    2. A set of RSA keys, called a key-pair, is uniquely associated with your email address and these keys secure the single-use AES key.  Jumble generates a new RSA key-pair for a given email address when it’s not already available from our API but only releases the private section of the key-pair to someone who can prove they own the email address linked with the key-pair.

Zero knowledge provider

Jumble never hosts your email data and so we have no access to it.  Jumble also has no access to unencrypted private key data. Likewise, the email provider has no access to the keys so once the emails are encrypted they can only ever be decrypted and read by the sender and recipient.


Click here to use Jumble for free and start protecting your emails.

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