BECs Double In 2022, Overtaking Ransomware

A look at 4th quarter 2022, data suggests that new threat surfaces notwithstanding, low-code cybersecurity business email compromises including phishing, as well as MFA bombing are still the prevalent exploits favored by threat actors.

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Cybersecurity defenders peering into the fog hoping to catch a glimpse of the next threat might be staring too hard at artificial and other sophisticated vectors. At least in the short term, low-code attacks are king, specifically business email compromise.

New research by the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit suggests the attackers are, by and large, using simple means to exploit a tried-and-true social engineering opportunity: People aren’t, in the digital sense, washing their hands and singing “happy birthday” for 20 seconds.

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Phishing the leading BECs exploit, with big drop in ransomware

The firm took

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Google Cloud Opens Up Enterprise AI Tools to Developers

Google jostles with AI rivals as it releases a large language model API and other developer tools.

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Google Cloud opened some of its AI-powered applications to developers on Tuesday, introducing the Pathways Language Model, or PaLM, API for language models and the Makersuite prototyping tool within it. The developer tools go hand-in-hand with Google’s new AI productivity tools in Google Workspace, which are in testing now. The productivity AI can write emails, job descriptions or other business documents on request. For developers, there are a few new ways to get their hands on these tools.

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Google opens gateway to PaLM API

PaLM is a large language model capable of responding to natural sounding prompts and returning sensible prose; the PaLM API lets developers build on top of it. In particular, developers can get an inside look at models optimized for multiturn use cases such as

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