Encrypt Email Attachments with Jumble

You’ve asked for it (on more than one occasion) and we can finally announce that Jumble has released email attachments; this is BIG news! Now when you send a secure email you can easily attach ANY file type for encryption – Jumble will seamlessly encrypt email attachments and include it in the secure email.

Why the wait for encrypted email attachments?

It took us a little longer than planned to develop and release encrypted attachments because unlike most end-to-end email encryption providers Jumble is zero-knowledge and combining the functionality with the ease of use took some time.
If you want to know more about what zero knowledge means click here but in brief it means we don’t have access to your email data or attachments as we don’t store a copy of it….EVER.  This means we can’t read your email data or attachments and we can’t hand it over nor … Read more

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Gmail’s encrypted email warning, what’s missing?

Gmail’s encrypted email warning is coming for emails that are sent and received through unsecured connections.  Earlier this month, Google released their Safer Email Transparency report, which reveals the strides made in email encryption between 2013 and 2015.  It’s very important to note that these strides specifically relate to the security of email data while it’s in transit between the sender and the recipient and not while it’s at rest in a user’s inbox or sent items…which is arguably where the data is at the highest risk of attack.

For a long time, it’s been recognised that email communication is unsecure and Google’s report uses the popular analogy that compares sending an email to sending a postcard in that the data is open to attack while it’s in transit; just think of a postman being able to read what’s written on a postcard.  Traditionally, like many communications, emails have been … Read more

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Travel Tech Safety: How to Protect Your Data When on Vacation

In a connected, digital and wireless world, your personal, financial, business and private information is at risk from hackers and other thieves.

The threat magnifies when you’re on vacation. With the great memories and rejuvenation of time away with family, friends or self comes vulnerability to less than secure technology. Below are some tips to protect your information and to make sure your business runs smoothly so you can enjoy vacation.

Back Up and Secure Before Departure

Your computer could be stolen, destroyed, crash, become infected with a virus or malfunction while you’re on vacation. Before you leave, back up the data, including emails you need or want to keep, using a hard drive, the cloud or a portable storage device.

Along with backup comes making sure would-be hacks or thieves can’t steal passwords or other sensitive information. Go into your browser’s settings options and follow the steps to remove Read more

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday email encryption special offer

Protect your data, protect your business

Using the Jumble discount code CYBER50, you can get 50% off Jumble’s simple email encryption business basic plan for 3-months for you and your entire company.  Jumble provides one-click email encryption that’s secure, easy to set-up and simple to use.

Black Friday “officially” commenced on the 27th November, but many online retailers offered their discounted deals in the run up to Thanksgiving and the hysteria is expected to continue until at least Cyber Monday.  These huge online retail days are no longer just a US tradition as they have gone global with shoppers from all over the world looking to get a deal.  Unfortunately, it will not only be shoppers looking for a great deal as online thieves and hackers target vulnerable retailers and shoppers in the search of their next big “deal”!  Businesses and consumers should also stay alert of online scams … Read more

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Digital Defender: 5 Keys to Securing Your Company’s Firewall

Firewalls are the first line of security for your company network. Firewalls monitor and filter incoming and outgoing traffic.

Missing or interrupted firewall services could mean breaches, viruses, and more. To ensure the safety of your infrastructure, it’s important to install and maintain your firewalls. Here are five tips for effective firewall protection.

1. Tweak the Settings

Most firewall software can be configured with different settings or options to best meet your needs.

For instance, you can schedule software uptimes to run at a specific time to minimize any inconvenience, though the computer it’s installed to has to be turned on.

You can also restrict specific internal programs from accessing the internet, or outside sources from accessing your network or devices like printers. Whether certain sources can accept or send data, or both, is up to you.

2. Keep Settings Consistent

Users on your business network may be accessing the … Read more

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