ClickUp: Project management software review

Image: ClickUp

Only five years after its founding, ClickUp already ranks among the top project management tools. The cloud-based platform offers extensive import options, a clean user interface, and a stack of advanced features to enable productivity and collaboration. Like other top PM tools, ClickUp has something every team can appreciate with a multitude of use cases across industries.

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Review methodology

This review is based on my personal experience registering, configuring, and executing a project in ClickUp. The sample project I built in the tool is a three-month application development timeline with six sprints and over 20 core tasks.

Below is the sample project (Figure A). The columns listed include task name, start and end dates, assigned contact, status, duration, completion percentage, and notes. Meanwhile, rows organize sprint tasks and subtasks into sprints. Two sprints contain multiple subtasks.

Figure A


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Pentagon finds concerning vulnerabilities on blockchain

Image: Pentagon via DHR Virginia.

A report commissioned by the Pentagon concluded that the blockchain is not decentralized, is vulnerable to attacks and is running outdated software. The report, “Are Blockchains Decentralized, Unintended Centralities in Distributed Ledgers”, uncovered that a subset of participants can “exert excessive and centralized control over the entire blockchain system.”

The findings of the report are a cause of concern for a wide range of sectors, but especially serious for security, fintech, big tech and the crypto industries, which continue to grow.

The Pentagon’s research arm, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), engaged Trail of Bits—a security research organization—to investigate the blockchain. Trail of Bits focused on Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two leading cryptocurrencies in the global market.

Trail of Bits says that it only takes four entities to disrupt Bitcoin and only two to disrupt Ethereum. Additionally, 60% of all

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