Try on LeBron’s jersey with 3D shopping experience built by Hexa, Microsoft and Snapchat

Startup converts 2D images into 3D ones and delivers them to retailers via a single line of code.

Shoppers can try on and buy LA Lakers jerseys via a collaboration between the NBA team, Snapchat, Microsoft and Hexa, a 3D virtualization company.

Image: Hexa

Want to see how well LeBron James’ jersey fits? Now you can try it on via the LA Lakers Snapchat Lens. 

Hexa, a startup that specializes in 3D visualizations, worked with Microsoft and Snap Inc. to create the augmented reality shopping experience. Shoppers can try on and buy the shirts via the Lakers Lens in the Snapchat App. The shirts and Hexa’s 3D images are also available in the Lakers’ online store. 

Hexa uses artificial intelligence and a team of 3D engineers to build and distribute 3D models, 360-degree experiences and augmented reality at scale. The company’s software converts 2D product images into 3D images. 


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Solar, The King Of The Solar System

That is because of the rising mobility within the sector of healthcare and the increasing count of investments by vendors for the event of latest merchandise within this area.

online things to do when bored

Web of nano things (IoNT) is the interconnectivity of such nanoscale gadgets over the internet and different communication networks. Dari segi fisik dan begitu juga lingkungan kita. Gagasan dan informasi begitu penting, tetapi banyak lagi hal yang penting. Namun teknologi informasi saat ini sangat tergantung pada information yang berasal dari orang-orang sehingga komputer kita tahu lebih banyak tentang semua ide dari hal-hal tersebut. avast tech As mentioned earlier than, machines with their skill to study elements of art and design can provide suggestions that assist to enhance consumer expertise. With its advanced analytical expertise can assist in exact resolution making. This activity was done manually by designers, technologists by making use of use instances and … Read more

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AI training: Leverage your tech skills and send your career soaring

If you feel like your tech career is a little stalled, all you have to do is build on the skills you already have to move up in data science, game development, IoT, cybersecurity and more.

Image: iStock/elen11

Artificial intelligence is used in everything from the Internet of Things to fighting cybersecurity attacks, so those cutting-edge skills will be in high demand for quite some time to come, which makes them a perfect choice for turbocharging your mid-level tech career. The Machine Learning Master Class Bundle can take your intermediate skills and boost them in a number of different directions, including data science and gaming.

If you have some math and Python experience, then go straight for the main overview, “Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners,” which will provide hands-on learning with nine actual projects. And if you’re interested in data science, which every industry from medical to tech relies

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