Nonprofit uses AWS grant to put 756 terabytes of cancer research data in the cloud

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and the Childhood Cancer Data Lab are cleaning up genome data and speeding up the research process.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation used a grant from Amazon Web Services to clean up medical research data and build a pipeline of analysis expertise among cancer researchers.

The nonprofit used an Imagine Grant from AWS to expand the Childhood Cancer Data Lab and make more than 1.3 million genome-wide samples available to researchers.

Liz Scott, co-executive director of the foundation, said that the organization’s approach has always been to look for critical gaps in childhood cancer research. She recently discovered that the ability to handle large datasets was one of those gaps. In talking with researchers, Scott realized that there was not enough funding for data analysis and not enough young researchers in the field to do even basic data analysis.

“Several years ago, we started

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Xbox Series X restock for Cyber Monday: Where to buy the next-gen gaming system

Cyber Monday is the next opportunity to score the in-demand Xbox Series X. Here’s when and where to find it at Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon.

Image: Microsoft

Cyber Monday will offer new opportunities to buy the Xbox Series X gaming system at retailers in person and online. Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Walmart and GameStop are some of the key retailers that have been restocking the next-gen gaming console.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, which costs $500 and looks something like a skyscraper, debuted on Nov. 10 along with the $300 Xbox Series S, but it’s been in such high demand that it’s nearly impossible to snag a unit. Priced at $500, the Series X is the first major Xbox release since the Xbox One in 2013. Gamers are anxious to nab the Xbox Series X because it’s new with blistering fast performance and load times, and an amazing frame

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The apps keeping Rio’s residents safe from stray bullets

Julia Borges was at her cousin’s 12th birthday party when she was shot. The 17-year-old had been standing on a third-floor balcony when a stray bullet hit her in the back, lodging in the muscle between her lungs and aorta.

That was November 8. Luckily, Borges was taken to hospital and has since recovered. Many are not so fortunate. At least 106 people have been killed by stray bullets in Rio this year so far.

Among the most dangerous areas are the narrow streets of the city’s favelas, where more than a million people currently live. Here, the houses are piled up on each other, and the alleys that wind between them are dotted with small squares. These same streets regularly echo with the sounds of gunfire: shooutouts between police and drug traffickers, rival groups of traffickers, or even police-backed militias take place on a daily basis.

Innocent victims are

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