How will cybersecurity change with a new US president? Pros identify the biggest needs

Every new presidential administration brings change, one way or another. Learn what President Joseph Biden is facing on the cybersecurity front, along with some tips for government and businesses.

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The past year has been one like no other, and during the pandemic cybersecurity threats have been on the rise with the ubiquity of remote work. United States President Joseph Biden has a lot on his plate, and cybersecurity concerns should be high on his to-do list.

I checked in with Morgan Wright, chief security advisor for SentinelOne, a cybersecurity provider; Chris Roberts, hacker in residence at Semperis, a cybersecurity provider; and Alexander García-Tobar, CEO and co-founder of Valimail, a secure email provider, to obtain their insights on what the new administration’s cybersecurity priorities should be.

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Scott Matteson: What are the cybersecurity gaps we’ve seen from the last administration?

Morgan Wright: The

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Energy & Environmental Expertise And Economics

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The hidden business costs of working remotely

The benefits of working remotely are numerous, but there are significant hidden costs that need to be factored in.

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Data is being lost from companies at an alarming rate and, so far, there does not seem to be a solution. A recent survey conducted by Arlington Research for Egress Software seems to suggest one of the causes wasn’t on anyone’s radar a year ago.

Arlington Research interviewed 500 IT leaders and 3,000 remote workers in the U.S. and U.K. employed in the financial services, healthcare or legal sectors. Their conclusions are published in the Egress Software paper Data Loss Prevention Report 2021. The following are key findings from the survey.

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What’s happening?

  • 95% of the participating organizations say they’ve suffered data loss in the last year.
  • 83% of organizations experienced email data breaches in the
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